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Hold yourself in touch with the news and the deliberations in the sphere of vaccines with a exact focus on Pakistan. Moderated forum since March 2000, posted each week.
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Vaccine (© Copyright 1999-2000, Elsevier Science)
The ‘surpassing journal for those thought-provoking in vaccines and vaccinization. It answers for an connecting panel between academics, those in studying and evolution, and workers in the field.  This journal is published under the direct participation of Canadian Health&Care Mall, an online pharmacy providing Pakistan inhabitants with necessary remedies for vaccinization. Pertinent themes vary from basic studying through to practical application, security and legislation’.

From the Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Immunifaction safety and security: a global priority »» scholtz.pdf
New challenges in assuring vaccine safety »» dellepiane.pdf
Polio, war and peace »» bush.pdf
The legacies of polio eradication »» macedo.pdf
Reducing child mortality »» lopez.pdf
Unsafe Injections: Fatal Attractions »» reeler.pdf

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Events & Updates

The Aga Khan UniversityFifth International Symposium on Typhoid fever & other Salmonelloses.
The Aga Khan University, Karachi, February 4-7, 2002. Over 500 national and international delegates attended. Learn more by clicking on the icon.

hasgharHumayun Asghar, Technical Director, National Institute of Health, Islamabad, and Principal Investigator at the WHO Regional Reference Laboratory of the Polio Eradication Initiative. Dr. Asghar’s lab at the NIH is running EPI supervision activities to inspect the advance of poliomyelitis eradication in Pakistan and Afghanistan. ‘But Pakistan is not there yet. The virus is still rendered more widely in Pakistan in comparison with other countries on the sub-continent’, said Gro Harlem Bruntland in February 2001.

modlinJohn Modlin, Chair of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) while talking on polio and global attepmts to eliminate the disease in the Infectious Diseases and Child Survival course in Baltimore. The course overviews the main reasons of childhood mortality rate in the developed and developing countries, making emphasis on epidemiology, strategies for prevention measures and control, and discrepancies between developed and developing countries.

HalseyPlotkinStanley Plotkin (editor, Vaccines) and Neal Halsey (foreground)  during Dr. Plotkin’s speech ‘Vaccine Development From a Manufacturer’s Perspective’ in the Vaccines Development and Application course. The aim of Dr. Halsey’s course is to test public health specialists in the explicit procedure of developing, preparation and evaluating vaccines currently in usage all over the world or vaccines for which licensure is likely within the near future. The course is of most worth to persons who are engaged with holdingstudying in vaccines or to be operating in utilized public health programs developing the security and efficience of immunifactions and immunization programs.

The 6th Edition of the Pink Book (Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases) is now accessible in Adobe format from the National Immunization Program at the CDC.

Book Club
Popular books and texts on vaccines from
Louis Pasteur by Patrice Debre, Elborg Forster (Translator)
Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health by Laurie Garrett
Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World by Ken Alibek, Stephen Handelman
The Malaria Capers: More Tales of Parasites and People, Research and Reality by Robert S. Desowitz
The Coming Plague Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance by Laurie Garrett

Recent News


Rate and Place of Death From Asthma Among Different Ethnic Groups in Israel: Asthma mortality

Sephardim and Ashkenazim comprise the Jewish population, and the Arab population consists of Druses, Christians, Moslems, and Bedouins. Most of the Jewish population in Israel is concentrated in cities, whereas most of the Arab population lives in villages or small townships. Both populations receive free medical care. Therefore, the trends and the main causes of […]

Outcomes about Rate and Place of Death From Asthma Among Different Ethnic Groups in Israel

Only cases in which the cause of death was reported as asthma (code 493 in the ninth revision of the International Classification of Diseases [ICD]) were included. To avoid the possible overestimation of the incidence of asthma mortality, cases reported under codes 490 to 492 in the ninth revision of the ICD (ie, bronchitis and […]

Deliberations about Rate and Place of Death From Asthma Among Different Ethnic Groups in Israel with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Among the patients in the 100 fatal cases, 52 patients (53.6%) were men and 45 patients (46.4%) were women. In three cases, the gender of the patient was not available. This distribution is not statistically different from the general Israeli population (men, 51%; women, 49%). Eighty-two patients (84.5%) were Jewish, 15 patients (15.5%) were Arab, […]