PubMed 2000

List compiled by Dr. Arshad Altaf at the Aga Khan University.

TITLE: Multivariate analysis of risk factors associated with genital ulcer disease among incarcerated males in
AUTHORS: Akhtar S, Luby SP, Rahbar MH
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):115-20.

TITLE: The prevalence, classification and treatment of mental disorders among attenders of native faith healers in rural Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Saeed K, Gater R, Hussain A, Mubbashar M
SOURCE: Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 2000 Oct;35(10):480-5.

TITLE: Tetanus antibody levels among adolescent girls in developing countries.
AUTHORS: Brabin L, Fazio-Tirrozzo G, Shahid S, Agbaje O, Maxwell S, Broadhead R, Briggs N, Brabin B
SOURCE: Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 2000 Jul-Aug;94(4):455-9.

TITLE: Phenotypes of alpha 1 antitrypsin in Karachi, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Shahid A, Siddiqui AA, Zuberi SJ, Waqar M
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Nov;50(11):374-6.

TITLE: Gahat: a napalese cure for urolithiasis?(1).
AUTHORS: Schwartz BF, Schenkman N, Nguyen R, Stoller ML
SOURCE: Urology. 2000 Dec 20;56(6):912-4.

TITLE: H9N2 subtype influenza A viruses in poultry in Pakistan are closely related to the H9N2 viruses responsible for human infection in hong kong.
AUTHORS: Cameron KR, Gregory V, Banks J, Brown IH, Alexander DJ, Hay AJ, Lin YP
SOURCE: Virology. 2000 Dec 5;278(1):36-41.

TITLE: Endocrine cell dysplasia (nesidioblastosis): a relatively unrecognized entity in Pakistan?
AUTHORS: Sabir N, Soomro IN, Nazir Z, Jabbar A, Hasan SH
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Oct;50(10):361-3. No abstract available.

TITLE: Risk factors for stunting and wasting at age six, twelve and twenty-four months for squatter children of Karachi, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Fikree FF, Rahbar MH, Berendes HW
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Oct;50(10):341-8.

TITLE: [No title available].
AUTHORS: Jensen JE, Hitz MF
SOURCE: Ugeskr Laeger. 2000 Nov 13;162(46):6250-1. Danish.

TITLE: Pakistan: that boat again.
AUTHORS: [No authors listed]
SOURCE: Tob Control. 2000 Dec;9(4):359C. No abstract available.

TITLE: Stress and psychiatric disorder in urban Rawalpindi: Community survey.
AUTHORS: Mumford DB, Minhas FA, Akhtar I, Akhter S, Mubbashar MH
SOURCE: Br J Psychiatry. 2000 Dec;177(6):557-562.

TITLE: Hypertension and stroke in Asia: prevalence, control and strategies in developing countries for prevention.
AUTHORS: Singh RB, Suh IL, Singh VP, Chaithiraphan S, Laothavorn P, Sy RG, Babilonia NA, Rahman AR, Sheikh S, Tomlinson B, Sarraf-Zadigan N
SOURCE: J Hum Hypertens. 2000 Oct-Nov;14(10-11):749-63.

TITLE: Hypertension and stroke in Asia: prevalence, control and strategies in developing countries for prevention.
AUTHORS: Singh RB, Suh IL, Singh VP, Chaithiraphan S, Laothavorn P, Sy RG, Babilonia NA, Rahman AR, Sheikh S, Tomlinson B, Sarraf-Zadigan N
SOURCE: J Hum Hypertens. 2000 Oct;14(10/11):749-763.

TITLE: Potential for HIV transmission among truck drivers in Pakistan.
SOURCE: AIDS. 2000 Oct 20;14(15):2404-6. No abstract available.

TITLE: [Pakistan–a country full of contrasts].
AUTHORS: Strassl S
SOURCE: Pflege Z. 2000 Sep;53(9):611-4. German. No abstract available.

TITLE: Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) status of breastfed malnourished infants and their mothers in North Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Smit EN, Muskiet FA, Boersma ER
SOURCE: Adv Exp Med Biol. 2000;478:395-6.

TITLE: Interpretation of vitamin A status in apparently healthy pakistani children by using markers of subclinical infection.
AUTHORS: Paracha PI, Jamil A, Northrop-Clewes CA, Thurnham DI
SOURCE: Am J Clin Nutr. 2000 Nov;72(5):1164-9.

TITLE: Iron and zinc intake from complementary foods: some issues from pakistan.
SOURCE: Pediatrics. 2000 Nov;106(5):1295-7. No abstract available.

TITLE: Factor XIII deficiency causing mutation, Ser295Arg, in exon 7 of the factor XIIIA gene.
AUTHORS: Anwar R, Gallivan L, Miloszewski KJ, Markham AF
SOURCE: Thromb Haemost. 2000 Oct;84(4):591-4.

TITLE: Daily iron supplementation is more effective than twice weekly iron supplementation in pregnant women in pakistan in a randomized double-blind clinical trial.
AUTHORS: Mumtaz Z, Shahab S, Butt N, Rab MA, DeMuynck A
SOURCE: J Nutr. 2000 Nov;130(11):2697-702.

TITLE: Estimation of a time-varying force of infection and basic reproduction number with application to an outbreak of classical swine fever.
AUTHORS: Howard SC, Donnelly CA
SOURCE: J Epidemiol Biostat. 2000;5(3):161-8.

TITLE: Hepatitis E virus infection in chimpanzees: a retrospective analysis.
AUTHORS: McCaustland KA, Krawczynski K, Ebert JW, Balayan MS, Andjaparidze AG, Spelbring JE, Cook EH, Humphrey C, Yarbough PO, Favorov MO, Carson D, Bradley DW, Robertson BH
SOURCE: Arch Virol. 2000;145(9):1909-18.

TITLE: Domestic violence against women–perspective from Pakistan.
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Sep;50(9):312-4.

TITLE: The minds of mothers: maternal mental health in an urban squatter settlement of Karachi.
AUTHORS: Rabbani F, Raja FF
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Sep;50(9):306-12.

TITLE: Adult mortality in slums of Karachi, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Marsh DR, Kadir MM, Husein K, Luby SP, Siddiqui R, Khalid SB
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Sep;50(9):300-6.

TITLE: Effectiveness of health education in promoting the use of iodized salt in Lotkoh, tehsil Chitral, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Khoja S, Luby S, Ahmed Z, Akber A
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Sep;50(9):296-300.

TITLE: Genetic diversity of beta-thalassemia mutations in Pakistani population.
AUTHORS: Khateeb B, Moatter T, Shaghil AM, Haroon S, Kakepoto GN
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Sep;50(9):293-6.

TITLE: Geographical display of health information: study of hepatitis C infection in Karachi, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Mujeeb SA, Shahab S, Hyder AA
SOURCE: Public Health. 2000 Sep;114(5):413-415.

TITLE: Papular palmoplantar hyperkeratosis following chronic medical exposure to arsenic: human papillomavirus as a co-factor in the pathogenesis of arsenical keratosis?
AUTHORS: Gerdsen R, Stockfleth E, Uerlich M, Fartasch M, Steen KH, Bieber T
SOURCE: Acta Derm Venereol. 2000 Jul-Aug;80(4):292-3.

TITLE: Adrenal bilateral incidentaloma by reactivated histoplasmosis.
AUTHORS: Lio S, Cibin M, Marcello R, Viviani MA, Ajello L
SOURCE: J Endocrinol Invest. 2000 Jul-Aug;23(7):476-9.

TITLE: Motor vehicle crashes in Pakistan: the emerging epidemic.
AUTHORS: Hyder AA, Ghaffar A, Masood TI
SOURCE: Inj Prev. 2000 Sep;6(3):199-202.

TITLE: Field evaluation of a slow release pheromone formulation to control the american bollworm, helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: noctuidae) in pakistan.
AUTHORS: Chamberlain DJ, Brown NJ, Jones OT, Casagrande E
SOURCE: Bull Entomol Res. 2000 Jun;90(3):183-90.

TITLE: Resource allocation and budgetary mechanisms for decentralized health systems: experiences from Balochistan, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Green A, Ali B, Naeem A, Ross D
SOURCE: Bull World Health Organ. 2000;78(8):1024-35. Review.

TITLE: Unsafe injections and the transmission of hepatitis B and C in a periurban community in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Khan AJ, Luby SP, Fikree F, Karim A, Obaid S, Dellawala S, Mirza S, Malik T, Fisher-Hoch S, McCormick JB
SOURCE: Bull World Health Organ. 2000;78(8):956-63.

TITLE: Exposure rate of hepatitis A and E (IgG) in children.
AUTHORS: Qureshi H, Hafiz S
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):284-5. No abstract available.

TITLE: Culture and sensitivity of Salmonella species: analysis of a two year data.
AUTHORS: Saqib A, Ahmed A
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):282-4.

TITLE: Visceral leishmaniasis in Sindh.
AUTHORS: Malik NA, Jamil T
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):278-9. No abstract available.

TITLE: Seroprevalence of HBV, HCV and HIV infections among college going first time voluntary blood donors.
AUTHORS: Abdul Mujeeb S, Aamir K, Mehmood K
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):269-70.

TITLE: Genitourinary tuberculosis: a profile of 55 in-patients.
AUTHORS: Buchholz NP, Salahuddin S, Haque R
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):265-9.

TITLE: Bacteriology of surgical site infections and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of the isolates at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi.
AUTHORS: Mahmood A
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):256-9.

TITLE: Health services for the elderly.
AUTHORS: Qureshi R
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Aug;50(8):245. No abstract available.

TITLE: Hepatitis B vaccination among health care workers and students of a medical college.
AUTHORS: Nasir K, Khan KA, Kadri WM, Salim S, Tufail K, Sheikh HZ, Ali SA
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jul;50(7):239-43.

TITLE: Aetiology and prognostic factors of patients admitted for stroke.
AUTHORS: Vohra EA, Ahmed WU, Ali M
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jul;50(7):234-6.

TITLE: Clinical results of the intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) at Baqai Institute of Reproduction and Developmental Sciences (BIRDS).
AUTHORS: Zafar S, Panjwani S, Kouser M, Munir A, Jehan S, Baqai Z
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jul;50(7):228-33.

TITLE: Outpatient pediatric surgery in a developing country.
AUTHORS: Mandhan P, Shah A, Khan AW, Muniruddin, Hasan N
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jul;50(7):220-4.

TITLE: Genetic analysis of cystic fibrosis in Pakistan: a preliminary report.
AUTHORS: Bhutta ZA, Moattar T, Shah U
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jul;50(7):217-9.

TITLE: Beta-thalassaemia: what we are waiting for?
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jul;50(7):210. No abstract available.

TITLE: A postgenomic approach to identification of mycobacterium leprae-specific peptides as T-cell reagents.
AUTHORS: Dockrell HM, Brahmbhatt S, Robertson BD, Britton S, Fruth U, Gebre N, Hunegnaw M, Hussain R, Manandhar R, Murillo L, Pessolani MC, Roche P, Salgado JL, Sampaio E, Shahid F, Thole JE, Young DB
SOURCE: Infect Immun. 2000 Oct;68(10):5846-55.

TITLE: Rotavirus infection among infants with diarrhea in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Nishio O, Matsui K, Oka T, Ushijima H, Mubina A, Dure-Samin A, Isomura S
SOURCE: Pediatr Int. 2000 Aug;42(4):425-7.

TITLE: Progress towards poliomyelitis eradication, Pakistan, January 1999-June 2000.
AUTHORS: [No authors listed]
SOURCE: Wkly Epidemiol Rec. 2000 Aug 25;75(34):274-7. English; French.

TITLE: Effect of dietary garlic (Allium Sativum) on the blood pressure in humans–a pilot study.
AUTHORS: Qidwai W, Qureshi R, Hasan SN, Azam SI
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):204-7.

TITLE: Are the elderly in Pakistan getting their due share in health services? Results from a survey done in the peri-urban communities of Karachi.
AUTHORS: Baig LA, Hasan Z, Iliyas M
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):192-6.

TITLE: Community growth monitoring.
AUTHORS: Akram DS, Agboatwalla M, Bharmal FY
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):188-91.

TITLE: Meningococcal infection among pilgrims visiting Madinah Al-Munawarah despite prior A-C vaccination.
AUTHORS: Yousuf M, Nadeem A
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):184-6.

TITLE: Association of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).
AUTHORS: Shah SH, Soomro IN, Haroon S, Moatter T
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):182-3.

TITLE: Audit of lymph node biopsies in suspected cases of lymphoproliferative malignancies: implications on tissue diagnosis and patient management.
AUTHORS: Qamar MZ, Mujib M, Pervez S
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):179-82.

TITLE: Breast diseases in males–a morphological review of 150 cases.
AUTHORS: Gill MS, Kayani N, Khan MN, Hasan SH
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):177-9.

TITLE: Breast carcinoma in Pakistani females: a morphological study of 572 breast specimens.
AUTHORS: Siddiqui MS, Kayani N, Sulaiman S, Hussainy AS, Shah SH, Muzaffar S
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):174-7.

TITLE: Breast cancer: determination, investigation and control.
AUTHORS: Siddiqui MS
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Jun;50(6):173-4.

TITLE: Integration of mental health care into primary care. Demonstration cost-outcome study in India and Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Chisholm D, Sekar K, Kumar KK, Saeed K, James S, Mubbashar M, Murthy RS
SOURCE: Br J Psychiatry. 2000 Jun;176:581-8.

TITLE: Pakistan’s treatment of women criticised.
SOURCE: Lancet. 2000 Aug 19;356(9230):663. No abstract available.

TITLE: Measles outbreak in a northern Pakistani village: epidemiology and vaccine effectiveness.
AUTHORS: Murray M, Rasmussen Z
SOURCE: Am J Epidemiol. 2000 Apr 15;151(8):811-9.

TITLE: Indoor residual spraying with alphacypermethrin controls malaria in Pakistan: a community-randomized trial.
AUTHORS: Rowland M, Mahmood P, Iqbal J, Carneiro I, Chavasse D
SOURCE: Trop Med Int Health. 2000 Jul;5(7):472-81.

TITLE: Percutaneous nephropexy.
AUTHORS: Khan AM, Holman E, Toth C
SOURCE: Scand J Urol Nephrol. 2000 Jun;34(3):157-61.

TITLE: Husbands’ versus wives’ fertility goals and use of contraception: the influence of gender context in five Asian countries.
AUTHORS: Mason KO, Smith HL
SOURCE: Demography. 2000 Aug;37(3):299-311.

TITLE: Alcohol, tobacco and paan use and understanding of oral cancer risk among Asian males in Leicester.
AUTHORS: Vora AR, Yeoman CM, Hayter JP
SOURCE: Br Dent J. 2000 Apr 22;188(8):444-51.

TITLE: Pakistan predicts a polio-free future.
SOURCE: Lancet. 2000 Aug 12;356(9229):576. No abstract available.

TITLE: Norplant: reasons for discontinuation and side-effects.
AUTHORS: Rehan N, Inayatullah A, Chaudhary I
SOURCE: Eur J Contracept Reprod Health Care. 2000 Jun;5(2):113-8.

TITLE: Applying burden of disease methods in developing countries: a case study from Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Hyder AA, Morrow RH
SOURCE: Am J Public Health. 2000 Aug;90(8):1235-40.

TITLE: Cesarean section among immigrants in Norway.
AUTHORS: Vangen S, Stoltenberg C, Skrondal A, Magnus P, Stray-Pedersen B
SOURCE: Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2000 Jul;79(7):553-8.

TITLE: Benchmarks of fairness for health care reform: a policy tool for developing countries.
AUTHORS: Daniels N, Bryant J, Castano RA, Dantes OG, Khan KS, Pannarunothai S
SOURCE: Bull World Health Organ. 2000;78(6):740-50. Review.

TITLE: Application of a reverse transcription-PCR for identification and differentiation of Aichi virus, a new member of the Picornavirus family associated with gastroenteritis in humans.
AUTHORS: Yamashita T, Sugiyama M, Tsuzuki H, Sakae K, Suzuki Y, Miyazaki Y
SOURCE: J Clin Microbiol. 2000 Aug;38(8):2955-61.

TITLE: Schizophrenia and birth order in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Bender KG, Azeem N, Morrice J
SOURCE: Schizophr Res. 2000 Aug 3;44(2):113-20.

TITLE: Bacteraemia among patients attending a cancer hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Mortlock S
SOURCE: Br J Biomed Sci. 2000;57(2):119-25.

TITLE: Ethnopharmacological evaluation of the anticonvulsant, sedative and antispasmodic activities of Lavandula stoechas L.
AUTHORS: Gilani AH, Aziz N, Khan MA, Shaheen F, Jabeen Q, Siddiqui BS, Herzig JW
SOURCE: J Ethnopharmacol. 2000 Jul;71(1-2):161-7.

TITLE: Private practice in Pakistan comes under fire.
SOURCE: Lancet. 2000 Jun 17;355(9221):2145.

TITLE: [Malaria imported to Norway 1989-98].
AUTHORS: Blystad H
SOURCE: Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 2000 May 30;120(14):1653-7. Norwegian.

TITLE: [The malaria situation in Turkey].
AUTHORS: Tabuk TC, Ulger S
SOURCE: Med Parazitol (Mosk). 2000 Apr-Jun;(2):26-7. Russian.

TITLE: Autozygosity mapping of a seckel syndrome locus to chromosome 3q22. 1-q24.
AUTHORS: Goodship J, Gill H, Carter J, Jackson A, Splitt M, Wright M
SOURCE: Am J Hum Genet. 2000 Aug;67(2):498-503.

TITLE: Stability of methylene chloride spiked passive samplers: an international shipping and transportation study.
AUTHORS: Zhao Y, Martens SR, Puskar MA, Lee KL
SOURCE: AIHAJ. 2000 May-Jun;61(3):394-7.

TITLE: The Urban Health Project, Karachi.
SOURCE: Bull World Health Organ. 2000;78(4):565. No abstract available.

TITLE: Widespread paralytic poliomyelitis in Pakistan: A case-control study to determine risk factors and implications for poliomyelitis eradication.
AUTHORS: Hennessey KA, Marx A, Hafiz R, Ashgar H, Hadler SC, Jafari H, Sutter RW
SOURCE: J Infect Dis. 2000 Jul;182(1):6-11.

TITLE: Molecular analysis of six factor XIII-A-deficient families in Southern Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Aslam S, Standen GR, Khurshid M, Bilwani F
SOURCE: Br J Haematol. 2000 May;109(2):463. No abstract available.

TITLE: Geographic and ethnic distribution of beta-thalassemia mutations in Uttar Pradesh, India.
AUTHORS: Agarwal S, Pradhan M, Gupta UR, Sarwai S, Agarwal SS
SOURCE: Hemoglobin. 2000 May;24(2):89-97.

TITLE: Multiple infection, recombination and genome relationships among begomovirus isolates found in cotton and other plants in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Sanz AI, Fraile A, Garcia-Arenal F, Zhou X, Robinson DJ, Khalid S, Butt T, Harrison BD
SOURCE: J Gen Virol. 2000 Jul;81 Pt 7:1839-49.

TITLE: Limiting long-term illness among black Caribbeans, black Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Chinese born in the UK.
AUTHORS: Harding S, Balarajan R
SOURCE: Ethn Health. 2000 Feb;5(1):41-6.

TITLE: Uterine atony at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan: a risk factor analysis.
AUTHORS: Feerasta SH, Motiei A, Motiwala S, Zuberi NF
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):132-6.

TITLE: Sexual harassment in medical profession–perspective from Pakistan.
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):130-1.

TITLE: What is the effect of riskshaw noise on its driver?
AUTHORS: Merchant AT, Lalani I, Afridi ZH, Latif N, Malik TA, Merchant SS, Momin IA, Moizuddin SS, Motiei A, Motiwala S, Munir A, Sethi AK
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):124-8.

TITLE: Distribution of birth weights of hospital born Pakistani infants.
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):121-4.

TITLE: Multivariate analysis of risk factors associated with genital ulcer disease among incarcerated males in Sindh.
AUTHORS: Akhtar S, Luby SP, Rahbar MH
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):115-20.

TITLE: Morphological pattern of testicular tumors.
AUTHORS: Gill MS, Shah SH, Soomro IN, Kayani N, Hasan SH
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):110-3.

TITLE: Testicular tumors. Multi-disciplinary approach and follow up.
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Apr;50(4):109.

TITLE: Use of unconventional methods of therapy by cancer patients in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Malik IA, Khan NA, Khan W
SOURCE: Eur J Epidemiol. 2000 Feb;16(2):155-60.

TITLE: Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection among pregnant women in Peshawar, Pakistan: prevalence and risk factors.
AUTHORS: Anwar T, Cuevas LE, Shears P
SOURCE: Trop Doct. 2000 Apr;30(2):81-4. No abstract available.

TITLE: Identifying malaria outbreak in clinical practice.
SOURCE: Trop Doct. 2000 Jan;30(1):53. No abstract available.

TITLE: Effect of breastfeeding on infant and child mortality due to infectious diseases in less developed countries: a pooled analysis. WHO Collaborative Study Team on the Role of Breastfeeding on the Prevention of Infant Mortality.
AUTHORS: [No authors listed]
SOURCE: Lancet. 2000 Feb 5;355(9202):451-5.

TITLE: Evaluation of blood bank practices in Karachi, Pakistan, and the government’s response.
AUTHORS: Luby S, Khanani R, Zia M, Vellani Z, Ali M, Qureshi AH, Khan AJ, Mujeeb SA, Shah SA, Fisher-Hoch S
SOURCE: Health Policy Plan. 2000 Jun;15(2):217-222.

TITLE: Breast milk docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) correlates with DHA status of malnourished infants.
AUTHORS: Smit EN, Oelen EA, Seerat E, Muskiet FA, Boersma ER
SOURCE: Arch Dis Child. 2000 Jun;82(6):493-4.

TITLE: The determinants of infant mortality in Pakistan.
SOURCE: Soc Sci Med. 2000 Jul;51(2):199-208.

TITLE: Nephrology services in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Ali Jaffar Naqvi S
SOURCE: Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2000 Jun;15(6):769-71.

TITLE: Depression and social stress in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Husain N, Creed F, Tomenson B
SOURCE: Psychol Med. 2000 Mar;30(2):395-402.

TITLE: Prenatal diagnosis of beta-thalassaemia in Pakistan: experience in a Muslim country.
AUTHORS: Ahmed S, Saleem M, Sultana N, Raashid Y, Waqar A, Anwar M, Modell B, Karamat KA, Petrou M
SOURCE: Prenat Diagn. 2000 May;20(5):378-83.

TITLE: Laboratory-based surveillance of Salmonella serotype Typhi infections in the United States: antimicrobial resistance on the rise.
AUTHORS: Ackers ML, Puhr ND, Tauxe RV, Mintz ED
SOURCE: JAMA. 2000 May 24-31;283(20):2668-73.

TITLE: Genetic and immunological characteristics of Type I diabetes mellitus in an Indo-Aryan population.
AUTHORS: Kelly MA, Alvi NS, Croft NJ, Mijovic CH, Bottazzo GF, Barnett AH
SOURCE: Diabetologia. 2000 Apr;43(4):450-6.

TITLE: God should give daughters to rich families only: attitudes towards childbearing among low-income women in Punjab, Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Winkvist A, Akhtar HZ
SOURCE: Soc Sci Med. 2000 Jul;51(1):73-81.

TITLE: Vitamin D deficiency in pakistani premenopausal women living in Norway is not associated with evidence of reduced skeletal strength.
AUTHORS: Falch JA, Steihaug S
SOURCE: Scand J Clin Lab Invest. 2000 Apr;60(2):103-9.

TITLE: Genetic epidemiology of HbS in Oman: multicentric origin for the betaS gene.
AUTHORS: Daar S, Hussain HM, Gravell D, Nagel RL, Krishnamoorthy R
SOURCE: Am J Hematol. 2000 May;64(1):39-46.

TITLE: Short report: phylogenetically distinct hepatitis E viruses in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: van Cuyck-Gandre H, Zhang HY, Tsarev SA, Warren RL, Caudill JD, Snellings NJ, Begot L, Innis BL, Longer CF
SOURCE: Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2000 Feb;62(2):187-9.

TITLE: Dracunculiasis eradication: delayed, not denied.
AUTHORS: Hopkins DR, Ruiz-Tiben E, Ruebush TK, Diallo N, Agle A, Withers PC Jr
SOURCE: Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2000 Feb;62(2):163-8. Review.

TITLE: The role of son preference in reproductive behaviour in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Hussain R, Fikree FF, Berendes HW
SOURCE: Bull World Health Organ. 2000;78(3):379-88.

TITLE: Pediatric renal transplantation in Pakistan.
SOURCE: Transplant Proc. 2000 May;32(3):652-3.

TITLE: Variation in the production and distribution of substituted benzoquinone compounds among genetic strains of the confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum.
AUTHORS: Yezerski A, Gilmor TP, Stevens L
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TITLE: Structural features of the avian influenza virus hemagglutinin that influence virulence.
AUTHORS: Perdue ML, Suarez DL
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TITLE: Post-graduate medical training in Singapore.
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Mar;50(3):106-8.

TITLE: Neonatal sepsis: an etiological study.
AUTHORS: Anwer SK, Mustafa S, Pariyani S, Ashraf S, Taufiq KM
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Mar;50(3):91-4.

TITLE: Frequency of malignant solid tumors in children.
AUTHORS: Shah SH, Pervez S, Hassan SH
SOURCE: JPMA J Pak Med Assoc. 2000 Mar;50(3):86-8.

TITLE: P53 mutations, polymorphisms, and haplotypes in Pakistani ethnic groups and breast cancer patients.
AUTHORS: Khaliq S, Hameed A, Khaliq T, Ayub Q, Qamar R, Mohyuddin A, Mazhar K, Qasim-Mehdi S
SOURCE: Genet Test. 2000;4(1):23-9.

TITLE: The pattern of suicide in Pakistan.
AUTHORS: Khan MM, Reza H
SOURCE: Crisis. 2000;21(1):31-5.

TITLE: Ethnocultural differences in sleep complaints among adolescents.
AUTHORS: Roberts RE, Roberts CR, Chen IG
SOURCE: J Nerv Ment Dis. 2000 Apr;188(4):222-9.

TITLE: Clinical and functional staging of oral submucous fibrosis.
AUTHORS: Haider SM, Merchant AT, Fikree FF, Rahbar MH
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TITLE: Health care systems in transition III. Pakistan, Part II. Pakistan’s response to HIV-AIDS.
AUTHORS: Kazi BM, Ghaffar A, Salman M
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TITLE: Health care systems in transition III. Pakistan, Part I. An overview of the health care system in Pakistan.
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TITLE: Infection of bovine immunodeficiency virus and bovine leukemia virus in water buffalo and cattle populations in Pakistan.
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TITLE: Anterior urethral valves: a rare cause of infravesical obstruction in children.
AUTHORS: Zia-ul-Miraj M
SOURCE: J Pediatr Surg. 2000 Apr;35(4):556-8.

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